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Awareness II

In this article, we are going to dive a little deeper into what helped me wrap my mind around what awareness is and, in doing so, brought me deeper toward my inner being, which can also be referred to as our authentic self.


First, I realized that thoughts distance us from the present moment. To be fully present, we must clear our minds. For a moment, bring your awareness to your current thought(s). That’s what conscious awareness is. Conscious awareness is when we are viewing our thoughts instead of being our thoughts. Becoming the observer. Second, if you are able to then direct your awareness of what it is that is aware of your thoughts, you will fold your sight in on where your sight is emanating from. You will not be the observer looking at itself. What we focus on grows, and when we focus back in on ourselves, we promote an expansion of our consciousness and awareness. It takes effort, just like going to the gym, to get or stay in shape or to be successful financially. It takes effort and a will to free ourselves from our illusions so we may experience a deeper and clearer reality. It takes effort and will to release ourselves from a victim and survival mindset. Often, we don't even realize we are in these mindsets. The brain is really good at making "normal" our experience regardless of what it is. 

We’re expanding our minds, and it’s a process. When you’re able to maintain awareness, remove thoughts, and be present, you will begin to see yourself and reality in a new way. You will experience life and others in a way you would have never thought possible. You will open yourself up to new paradigms that you have never before experienced.

Awareness II

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