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Working with Nicholas offers me insight and perspective that brings me to a new understanding of the questions and issues that are at the forefront of my mind.


His "process" is to listen deeply and with compassion, ask thoughtful questions, and help me move from a feeling of being "stuck or confused" to a clearer way of viewing the circumstances.


His insights help me move from fear and confusion to compassion and love. In the end, I feel deeply affirmed and understood and can move forward with greater clarity and understanding.


Thank you, Nicholas; you will remain a valued resource in my life.

Gail R

As an adult, I’ve always felt like I never had a choice until I started my journey into self-awareness. Nicholas has personally taught me that your mind and attitude shape your reality. I've met a lot of people who would rather be extremely destructive and tell you everything you can and can’t do and if you already don’t have a positive image of yourself in your head you will just have no choice but to conform to the feelings of another.

Personally, mindfulness has changed my life tremendously, it gave me the power I never thought I had that was within me all along. I can personally say that if you’re willing to make the changes to develop your mind Nicholas will definitely help you and he will make sure you succeed. I didn’t really have a lot of faith in myself but Nicholas made me feel like I was able to tell my best friend what I’m going through. Instead of Nicholas just saying it's whatever or telling me what he would do (which most of the friends in my life would say when I ask them for advice) Nicholas explained to me the why, which is something I’ve been trying to find out forever.

Take the opportunity and I promise you won’t regret the journey. Thank you Nicholas for helping me take advantage of this beautiful opportunity, which is my life.


I’ve been on my consciousness journey for 4 years. Consciousness is an incredibly important aspect of my work as a Health Coach. When I first started this journey, I participated in a high-level consciousness training. I was overwhelmed. I couldn’t understand the content and I got frustrated and resented joining the program in the first place.

I began working with Nicholas in July of last year (2022). Within one month, I witnessed a major transformation and growth in my mindset and consciousness. All of a sudden, everything that I had studied was clicking and falling into place. I see things much more clearly now. He has a way of making consciousness relatable and understandable. It has enhanced my effectiveness as a Health Coach. I can now relate to my clients on an even deeper level, enabling me to have a much deeper impact.


I am beyond grateful for my work with Nicholas and the growth that I have experienced. Beginning my work with Nicholas was the single best decision I made in 2022, and my work with him is having just as much an impact on me and my business in 2023. I can’t recommend Nicholas enough. He has made a tremendous impact on me personally as well as the many people I have referred to him.

Julie Takac

When I started working with Nicholas, I had been going through the motions of my life and could not recall when I had last been truly present for more than a few moments at a time.




By asking the right questions and walking me through specific times of my life, Nicholas was able to help me pinpoint certain stressful events that had been blocking me from being my best self.

By working through those events, I was able to process and clear them, allowing me to move forward with clarity.

My day-to-day restlessness has been replaced with a sense of calm and trust.

Nicholas goes beyond mindfulness to help you find the clarity you need to get control of your life and start living as the whole person you were meant to be.


Day 1 with Nicki: How is your week/day going?

"good, terrible, I don’t have the energy to get up anymore. I think I’m emotionally drained from losing my mother and with my brother"

Working 30 years in Education, getting a life-threatening illness from work, retiring on Halloween, and losing my Mom 29 days later, I really thought I lost myself. I thought I was lost forever. I was there, but I really wasn't present. The only thing that kept me going was my Paparazzi Sisterhood. Mom was so proud of my business and knew I had to continue to make her proud. However, I still had so much grief and sadness that I could hardly show up for them!

Today's session, compared to the first day I started working with him, was profoundly different. My entire life has changed for the better and I owe much of these changes to the work we do.

Why am I telling you this? Because sitting on my Porch today I realized for the first time in my life that I am free. I'm happy. I love this life I'm living. I earned it, and most importantly, I deserve it!!

Nicki DiLeva

Big changes came as Nick explained complex ideas in a more logical way. 

I have stopped being a reactionary person and learned how to self-evaluate my ego when bothered in any given situation. I've learned how to listen to what a person has to say and to respond to their words, not with triggered emotions. 

Before Nick's coaching, I would be in arguments with people and now I'm able to pause and evaluate what point I am wanting to get across so that it isn't lost in the conversation or misconstrued. 

After mindfulness coaching, I openly communicate my love for my parents, friends, family, people I know/knew, dogs, cats, the trees outside, etc. 

After mindfulness coaching, I'm able to take a second and notice my emotions flaring, acknowledge them, and let them go instead of being engulfed by them. 

Working with Nick has helped me learn the importance of being centered and how to get there and get back there. 


I am extremely grateful to Nick for his coaching and the worthwhile “Mindfulness” training sessions he provided to me.


I deeply value the time we've spent together and the progress he helped me make in my life. Nick is always, positive, enthusiastic, supportive, focused, knowledgeable, and not to mention a clear communicator.


I wouldn't be this far along in my goals or have this much courage to push forward without his support. I've made so much progress in all aspects of my life since my sessions began.


Thank you, Nick!!!


There is no such thing as coincidence.

I was in a dispute with my niece for two years. Couldn't see a way out of it.

After meeting Nicholas,

He...offered me a different angle to approach the situation

Two days after sitting down with him, God showed up and talked to me in a way I understood and my niece understood, and just yesterday my two-year conflict was resolved.

Nicholas has a gift.

And I hope all his clients are open to receiving help from within and stop seeking externally to fix their conflicts.


After years of dealing with my anxiety, I felt it was my new normal. Over these years I learned to make anxiety part of my everyday encounters since it didn't feel like it will go away. It became a partner in my marriage, my journey in motherhood, and even as much as letting it into my career as an entrepreneur. This relationship with anxiety was so attached to me, that I've learned to fake it in front of others because that was the last thing I wanted was to share with others what I was really thinking. 

Working with Nicholas has made me look at life with a whole new meaning. We have worked on my triggers, where it all started from, and how to live with awareness and peace. Not only has working with Nicholas helped me as an individual, it has helped me in all my relationships, especially as an entrepreneur. I wouldn't be able to achieve all the changes and goals if it wasn't for his coaching.


This testimonial comes from a 15min call we had outside of our scheduled sessions that Julie needed in a major life moment Julie was going through


Grateful. I am so incredibly grateful to have been introduced to Nicholas Clay and to be able to work with him these last few months. If I attempted to write about all the impact our work together has had on my life, it would take pages and pages. Instead, I want to share my most recent story of impact. My father was diagnosed with bone cancer. The cancer in his prostrate migrated to his pelvic bone. The treatment is difficult and there is a chance he will not survive. When he told me, I felt all of the human emotions. First numbness, then anger, then guilt and sadness. I processed and I cried. However, very quickly, I was able to come to a place of peace, love, and understanding. That shift alone is changing how I show up for my dad, how I show up for me, how I show up for my family, and to the world. I am in control. Not the circumstances. And while this may be a difficult journey, it will also be a beautiful one where I can be fully present and connected to my dad.

Julie T

I am so happy that I had the opportunity to meet Nicholas. For years I went around living what I thought was my best life, but it wasn't until our sessions that I realized how wrong I was. I didn't know I needed a mindfulness coach, I didn't even know that existed!

Within just our first two sessions alone, we were able to pinpoint two major factors that were affecting my growth and I haven't been the same ever since. He helped me restore my integrity and unlock stories that I didn't even know I was hiding from myself.

He has given me the tools to practice mindfulness in my day to day and I can already feel the impact that it's having on my life. Nicholas is very easy to talk to and holds confidentiality in high regard. He makes you feel safe enough to be your true authentic self and is committed to helping others live their true best lives.


My life had hit an all time low... about a month later, Nicholas offered his time to help guide me through my pain and embark on a transformation of my entire life.

I never thought that I would feel comfortable talking to a male about my past experiences but after a few signs from the universe, I decided to give it a try. I haven't looked back since.

Nicholas has an amazing foresight in guiding others through their journeys of self-awareness and mindfulness. It is difficult to put to paper everything that Nicholas's work has done for my life and how he was able to accomplish it. Through our sessions, I have learned to love myself again and have a newfound boost of confidence. 

I encourage others to take a leap of faith and trust that Nicholas has your best interests at heart - you won't be disappointed.


This testimonial was written to the person who invited me to speak at one of their workshops. The mission of the company is: Creating the most powerful & influential leaders to serve.

I want to thank you for introducing me to Nicholas Clay.


I had my initial mindfulness appointment today and I got through two significant traumas that held me back personally and professionally.


Things that I've talked about with therapists and sponsors but never got over till this afternoon.


I made an appointment for October and want to continue with this self-discovery!

Thank you so much for this


I have known Nick for years and was excited when he offered up a coaching session. Working with Nick is always a positive experience.

He is trained to help find the blind spots that hold us back from our desired potential and put into place the mechanisms that can help us to overcome them.

Nick has been present during a transitional period in my life. We have had frequent sessions for guidance over the past few months. 

It is refreshing to talk with Nick because he always shows his support without judgement. He has a perspective that encourages accountability and integrity.


Now I am more aware of how I act when something triggers me. I have found power in not reacting to my triggers and instead, finding peace in them. I plan to continue meeting with Nick for his perspective and insight on awareness and mindfulness.


When my friend suggested that I meet with Nicholas, I was skeptical. My life was a mess - I was stressed, overworked, and I was doing EVERYTHING for everyone without taking myself into account. I've done counseling and I know what my problems are. Where I was stuck was in how to handle these problems.

Was I wrong! Working with Nicholas, I was quickly able to pinpoint WHY I was reacting to situations the way that I was and HOW to handle them in a more productive way.

Nicholas has helped me prepare for a very difficult conversation, and as a result, something that could have had a detrimental impact on my life and that of my children actually ended up changing our lives for the better.

In the few short months we've been working 

together, I've become an overall HAPPIER version of myself. I no longer just deal with life - I'm LIVING it!


What started out as a friendship has turned into a mentorship. I met Nicholas at a cafe that I used to work at. I was always drawn to him because there wasn't a day that he came into the shop without a book in his hand and he always asked the best questions.

As I got to know him a bit better, I found that his empathy and genuine interest in helping others was simply unmatched. Our discussions consisted of philosophical debates and book recommendations.

When he notified me that he was interested in taking his coaching business to the next level, I was ready to help in any way he needed. What I wasn't so sure about was actually doing a session with him (just a personal hesitancy to counselors and coaches).

I finally agreed to a one-time session and ever since then, I've been hooked. His ability to really help you understand yourself is uncanny and I could not recommend scheduling a call with him more.


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