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Fear hides, and Love Reveals


We always have options to choose from
We always have options to choose from

Fear hides, and Love Reveals. Is there anybody who likes a liar? Whether it is a "light" lie or not, we tend not to favor them. Of course, if someone is creating a lie to hide a surprise, they are usually forgiven. Every other lie is usually (if not always) out of fear of what the truth will bring. For example, "If I show my true self, will they accept me?", "If I tell the truth, will they stay or leave?" "If I tell the truth, will I be in trouble or incur consequences?". These are some of the fears behind lies.

Here are what the other forms of lying look like. Lying by omission is leaving out relevant information. Lying by restructuring is distorting the context. For example, saying something in sarcasm, changing the characters, or altering the scene. Lying by denial is refusing to acknowledge the truth, which people can become attached to in order to protect their ego. Minimization is when we reduce the effects of a mistake, a fault, or a judgment call. Exaggeration is a common use of lying which is representing something as greater, better, more experienced, or more successful than it really is. Finally, there is a fabrication, which the biggest of egos will use to deliberately invent a false story usually used to make someone feel grander about themselves. 

As our awareness increases, it becomes more obvious (through listening and observing) how much fear controls us. When we communicate authentically, we communicate without fear or with enough courage to face the fear head-on. When we speak from our highest power, we complete conversations with nothing left to be said and nothing left to be thought of that we think should have been said. Speaking with authenticity and truth leaves us in peace, and speaking with fear leaves us with inner resistance. Speaking from our truth allows us to be at peace with what we say without ever "looking over our shoulder" or any worry about maintaining falsehoods, which take up our valuable energy. Standing in our truth allows us to properly align with what is for us and to unalign with what is not for us.  

Every thought and action is sponsored by one of two spaces: love or fear. Awareness expands from love, and our defenses expand from fear. One of the easiest ways to "read" people is to listen, and one of the easiest ways to "read" yourself is to listen.

There are many layers to self that hide the Self
There are many layers to self that hide the Self

In conclusion, success in the work of self-discovery requires us to travel the path of courage and truth with ourselves. We must be truthful with ourselves, and from that truth, our authenticity will emerge. We must learn to align with our intuition, and with it, an alignment with ourselves and life will emerge. The truth is something deep down we know and something the analytical mind is great at obscuring.

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