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Responsibility for ourselves is the number one contributor to achieving what we want out of life. It’s so easy to blame others for what we don't have and something an unhealthy ego thrives off of. An unhealthy ego enjoys taking the wins and blaming others for the losses, even blaming itself at times. With expanding our conscious awareness comes responsibility for ourselves, and it is that responsibility for ourselves that so many of us are running from.

We are responsible for our success, emotions, mental and physical health, and lives. If we run from responsibility, we must be running to victimhood, which is the polar opposite. Which direction are you running toward?


We all have the power to shape our reality (environment). Our reality is merely a reflection of our perception. Are we blaming others for what we do or do not have, or are we choosing to accept responsibility for it? Lack of responsibility for ourselves results in a lack of growth, and any growth we can achieve for ourselves is always in our best interest. To grow is to live.

When we feed our pain-body by operating out of reactions, we experience a decrease in authority over ourselves. If we want to have the power of Self, we must also be willing to take responsibility for ourselves and our environment. By cultivating conscious awareness, we can make choices that improve the well-being of ourselves and the environment in which we live. Or we can instead be pushed around by our egoic reactions and trauma-induced triggers.


In summary, conscious awareness gives us the power to create ourselves and our lives in the best possible light. Ignorance (the opposite of awareness) leads to reactions, victimhood, and a lack of control. Do you find yourself blaming others, or have you taken responsibility for yourself and your life? Or maybe a little of both? There is no wrong answer, only awareness of where we are, where we've been, and where we wish to be.

Responsibility for ourselves
Responsibility for ourselves

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