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Responsibility is Power

I don't have time to work out. It's the traffic fault I'm late. You make me feel this way. I would be happy if only I had X. Do any of these sound familiar? With more awareness comes more responsibility, which we humans do not like to have. It's far easier (in the short term) to blame everyone else for the faults in our lives or, even better, hold ourselves blind with willful ignorance. However, it never plays out in our favor in the long term. Blaming the concept of time will never make us fit, refusing to leave the house earlier will never stop traffic, ignoring our triggers will never stop them from reacting to others, and no one and no thing external will ever provide lasting happiness. Usually, a lack of responsibility usually worsens things over "time."

Let's take a look at a tangible example of responsibility. If we were to knowingly walk into a cage with a Lion in it, would it be the animal's fault for our injuries, which we would most likely incur? Can we blame the Lion for being a Lion? The Lion would only be doing what it knows to do, and it would be as silly to blame the Lion as it is to blame a mosquito for biting us.

The same awareness we have of walking or not walking into a dangerous cage is the same kind of awareness that is possible for ourselves when it comes to what we are stepping into with our lives and environment day-to-day. Awareness is our superpower, and responsibility is our greatest tool for growing and molding ourselves and our lives. Mindfulness meditation and healing our wounds are great ways to expand our awareness.

Whenever we react negatively, we are missing an understanding of how we walked ourselves into the Lion's cage. When we miss our understandings, we close our eyes to any fault or responsibility for the unpleasantries we experience, leaving us to blame everyone and everything else except ourselves. The act of being hurt by another (emotionally) is just about unavoidable; however, carrying that pain in the long term can only happen with our permission.

By raising our level of consciousness, our awareness expands. We do this by focusing on our higher vibrations, like acceptance, reason, and love, to name a few. At higher levels of consciousness, we naturally take responsibility and power back. We develop healthy boundaries that allow us to keep ourselves out of the cage of harm in the first place. What about physical pain? Another person will rarely seek us out to physically assault us without first putting ourselves in that situation.

Building our awareness gives us the best detection of all the Lion cages in life that could harm us. Expanding our awareness allows us an incredible power of vision. A person with night vision will feel at ease and empowered in the dark.

Responsibility is power
Responsibility is power

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