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A Friend: "Do you know why you're able to progress on this path"?

Me: "No, I don't"…

A Friend: "Because you seek it."

That dialog between a friend and me helped me understand why some of us progress while others don't. There must be a want-to for guidance, a will for action, and an acceptance of the process. It is easy to claim to want something like getting into shape, becoming wealthy, or having a happy life. We lack an understanding and acceptance of the process and the will to be in action. Therefore, one could argue that we don't genuinely want "it" (whatever it is) in the first place. It is silly to expect the world to magically make us fit, wealthy, or happy like a child wanting a trip to Disney Land with no responsibility for the logistical and financial aspects required by their parent(s) or guardian(s) to make it happen and being upset if they don't get their way. Only we are no longer children who are void of responsibility for ourselves, and if we want to go to Disneyland, it's our responsibility to make it happen. There is no one as an adult to be upset with except with ourselves.

If we are sitting on the couch watching TV, wanting to change the channel and not wanting to get the remote to do it, how badly do we want that channel changed? If we want to feel better about how we look in a swimsuit and don't want to change our diet or work out in any way, how much do we want that look? If we want to be financially successful and we don't want to change our spending habits or do anything to increase our income, do we want to be financially successful? If we want to change our lives and our experience of reality, there must exist a genuine want-to for that goal, which includes understanding and accepting the process. If the trip to Disneyland costs $5,000, we can be upset the rest of our lives that the trip costs too much, or we can spend our time focused on what we can do to be able to afford it. The question I would offer is, do we want to go to Disneyland because that's what we want, or do we want to go to Disneyland because all the other kids are going?

Solutions for what we want are all over, and when we choose to seek them out, they begin to stick out right in front of us. Mental growth is growth like any other growth. It takes discipline, dedication, consistency, and training. You will go through challenges like any other area of growth, and it's a process that is well worth it. To heighten our level of Awareness, it takes, above all, a deep want-to. The path to enlightenment takes a willingness to start and the courage to persevere—a discarding of the false self and embracing the true self.


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