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The TIME is always NOW

What is time? Answer: The indefinite continued progress of existence and events in the past, present, and future regarded as a whole. Ya, did that make your head hurt? Mine too. Well, consider it’s merely a form of measurement used for us to put reality in order. When it comes to being fully in the present moment, it seems as if time does not exist. All that is (reality) only exists in the Present. The past is just a distorted memory, and the future is a desired or feared vision.

Think about the last time you were “in the moment?” Was it playing a favorite sport, watching a favorite show, or engaging in an in-depth conversation? Do you recall a time when an hour went by that felt like only minutes or seconds? That experience of being present is an experience of present focus, an experience void of thought or with much less thought than usual. If we close our eyes and stop thinking (also known as meditation), there is no concept of time. At the level of pure awareness, we would have no notice of 1 second to 1 minute to 1 day, and so on. When practicing mindfulness meditation, this is the place we are shifting to and experiencing. Allthough, at first, it can take some time to get there, and it is usually difficult to hold without continuous practice. When we get there, we get into such a stillness that the concept of time ceases. In a comfortable pose, one could hold a meditation for hours and have only a single momentary experience. Very similar to waking up in the morning with no notice of the hours that passed while asleep. And yes, it is ok to fall asleep while meditating; with practice, you'll be able to hold your brain waves to a state just above sleep.  

Part of our identity (ego) comes from the past experiences that we identify with as ourselves. Remember, all that exists at any one moment is the present moment. So anything we hold onto in our minds outside of the present moment is just that, it's just something we are holding on to. Negativity from the past that we hold in our minds as thoughts (Thoughts are energy) are strenuously being carried within our mind-space. Without realizing it, this negative thought becomes part of our ego (Identity). For example, that person who might have "wronged" us in the past affects how we interact with those in the present when we hold onto that past negative thought. When we learn our lesson or gain an understanding of past hurts, the need to carry our unconscious defenses goes away, and the energy is released.


It is the present moment that heals all wounds, not time. Often, it takes time to be ready to release the hurt (energy), and when we are ready, the pain can and will be released. You can think it took years to get over your ex when, in reality, it took years for you to be ready to get over your ex.

The time is always now, and everything that has ever happened and will happen will happen now.

The time is always now
The time is always now

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