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Conscious Choices

Updated: Dec 21, 2023

A conscious choice is a selection made from our intuition. We are making a selection in the presence of all the knowledge, understanding, and wisdom we have within ourselves and the world at that moment. A conscious choice is made from where thought arises from and not from thought itself.

There was a time when we made a lot of choices early in our lives before decisions and reactions started taking over, and this perceived "right" way of living began to manifest in our minds. We often use decide/decision and choice interchangeably, yet they are different. The word "decide" comes from the Latin word "de-caedere," which means "off-cut," and "cide" is borrowed from Latin, which means "killer" or "act of killing." When we make decisions, we kill off options using our intellectual self, which is not connected to our authentic self. Our intellect is our interpretation of self and the part of ourselves we construct to protect ourselves. 

This is not to say never to make a decision again. This is to say to be mindful of the difference, and if we wish to connect with our authentic self, it will be by intuition (choice), not intellect (Decide). Schedule a coaching session with me to understand this more deeply. With coaching, I can guide you through an exercise designed for experiential learning. It's the difference between knowing (intellect) how to swim and understanding (the experience of swimming) how to swim.

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