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Love or Fear
Love or Fear

Just as a magnet always has a positive (north) pole and a negative (south) pole, thoughts also come from one of two poles: Love and Fear. You can think of these poles as the experience our thoughts are sponsored from. Like an advertisement that is "sponsored" by Doritos, our thoughts are sponsored by the frequencies of Love or Fear.


You may have heard the F.E.A.R. stands for false evidence appearing real or other iterations that demonstrate the illusion that Fear is. Some of the biggest fears we are challenged with are the Fear of looking bad, being "wrong," and change.

It is important to understand that Love and Fear in this context cannot be confused with the emotions and feelings of love and Fear. In this context, Love and Fear are referred to as states of mind, of which there are 17 in total. Love is a state of conscious awareness, as is Fear. Love is of our higher mind, which is of creation and light. Fear is of our lower mind, which is of survival and darkness. In this way, we can also think about our thoughts, either being sponsored by our light or by our shadow.

Light or Shadow
Light or Shadow

Where do you find your mind mainly operating out of Fear or love? Maybe a better question is, do you understand what to look for?

When we come from our light, we are open, vulnerable, supportive, empathetic, considerate, calm, and balanced.

When we come from our shadow, we are defensive, manipulative, scared, threatened, and easily triggered.


A mental technique that will help you illuminate more of your mind is simply to be consciously aware of your thoughts and inquire where they come from. Focus on the experience of love. The more we focus on love, the more we become master detectives of our shadow. The rest of the process is about facing our shadow and understanding it. The more we understand our shadow, the more it will dissipate, like how the sun evaporates the clouds. The light within us is our North Star. By consciously focusing our light (love) into our fears (darkness), we can heal our wounds and grow in the present.

The secret is no secret. The path is love. Any healer, guru, or enlightened person will tell us this and has been telling us it for a long time. The challenge is with walking the path, not with knowing it.

The light is love
The light is love

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