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Thank you for your time and attention. I am just like everyone else in that I was born into this world into a paradigm in which I had no say. I have discovered that I experienced traumatic events that I had no understanding of. I lacked understanding of how these experiences played out in my everyday life and that they were traumas, to begin with. As a child, I never enjoyed negative emotions, yet I still had them like everyone else. In my early adult life, I made a career change that led me to self-improvement and the biggest perspective shift of my life. This shift led me to discover that who I was was not all I could be.

A friend recommended I read A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle; little did he know what an impact that book would have on me, the journey I would embark on, and how powerful learning awareness would be for me. As I worked to grasp and implement the new information, I became hooked on learning as much as possible about the human experience. Since my journey started, I have read tens of thousands of pages pertaining to the Human experience and experienced deep transformative courses in the realm of ontology developed by Werner Erhard.

With the combination of information, transformation, and experience, I have come to find what seems like a universal understanding that pertains to all human beings. I have cleared many past traumas and negative stories from my mind. I now enjoy life and every day in the present moment instead of experiencing a mind that would think uncontrollably. I have begun to teach and coach others in the experience of living life with a heightened awareness, in other words, waking up. This blog represents my insights into the human experience to promote deeper thinking when it comes to looking at ourselves and the world around us. I hope to support many others on their journey of self-discovery through my writing, speaking, teaching, and coaching.

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