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Our identity can obstruct our view of reality, like driving through fog obstructs our view of the road. To expand on the analogy further, Imagine that, while driving, a spot of fog would appear on the windshield every time you had a thought. The more and more thoughts you have, the more fogged up your windshield becomes, and the more intense your emotions attached to these thoughts, the denser the fog they produce on your windshield. How clear would your view of the road (reality) be?

The clarity we experience when expanding our awareness can be understood from these examples of technological advancements. When we have a strong grip on our identity (ego), we see reality like we used to see TV programming using an antenna or like the graphics from an Atari (For younger readers, Atari is one of the first gaming consoles created with a resolution of 160 x 192 pixels). By expanding our awareness, we simultaneously contract our ego while expanding our clarity (awareness) of reality, like when we upgraded from an antenna to HD 8K.


Awareness brings about the HD Resolution of Reality we experience with our ever-improving TVs. Awareness exposes a clarity of reality similar to a person who has just received corrective lenses or Lasik surgery. Navigating life with ego and awareness is like the difference between driving in the rain with worn-out wipers and having a brand-new pair.


For us to stop sleepwalking through life and In order to wake up, we must have the willingness and courage to do so. Another way to say that is that we must be committed to our continued development, healing, and introspective practice. We must understand that it’s possible not to know what we are missing. We can choose to wake up now and experience a reality for the wonder it is, or we can wait until death is near enough to force an Awakening, which often brings much regret of a feeling of a life wasted. The choice is ours to make.

If you were dying today would you be fulfilled with your experience of life? If the answer is no, then my follow-up question is, “What are you waiting for, and what is going to be different tomorrow”? Nobody ever got dressed by thinking about it.

Clarity of Objective Reality
Clarity of Objective Reality

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