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Dualism and Non-Dualism

We are not just Human; we are human beings, are we not? Regardless of what you believe, there are billions of corpses in the ground or that have been burned that unanimously prove that the Human element is undoubtedly temporary. So, for the rest of this article, let's talk about our Spiritual or energetic Being.

Non-dualism is the most crucial part of the "puzzle," and when understood and experienced, it allows us to realize a higher and more expanded state of awareness. This state is an unavoidable state toward expanding our consciousness. Having a dualistic view puts a limit on the breadth of awareness that can be achieved and limits our conscious expansion. 

Dualism is the belief in separation. Therein lies the spark of our ego and a misunderstanding of us being separate from each other and the belief that we are separate from a Source, a Creator, the Universe, from God (or any other word you wish to use). This belief puts a barrier on the level of awareness we are able to reach, no matter how hard we may "try." This belief preserves the “I” and is our ego’s clever way of preserving itself. A built-in survival tactic, and keeping us from our higher potential of consciousness. 

Non-dualism is the understanding of a united, undivided Oneness. The understanding that we are all the same at the level of Consciousness and that consciousness itself is an Ocean of Oneness. We are all each a drop of the Ocean, and when a drop returns to the whole, it is impossible to see any division between the drop and the Ocean to which it returned. This is a deep concept to grasp, and at this moment, you are either lost, turned off, or intrigued. To free ourselves from the attachment of ego is to have the understanding that we are everyone and everyone is us. We are the Creator, experiencing life through various perspectives simultaneously using the human form as Avatars, which allows us access to knowing One's self from all possibilities of self. This understanding gives rise to a magnitude of clarity and peace of mind when digested.

Here is an analogy to help understand this concept. Imagine wearing sunglasses for the first seven hours of a bright summer day. Soon, we forget that our vision is tinted, and our mind normalizes our experience. We may even forget we are wearing sunglasses. At hour eight, we take off our glasses and, for a moment, are blinded by the sun. In this moment, we remember and experience how much of the light was being blocked as our eyes adjust. That is a close comparison to the experience of waking up consciously. We began to see life in HD. For as long as we hold a dualistic belief, we will forever face a barrier to our awareness, and in my opinion, we will continue to experience society within the same cycle we have been in for hundreds of thousands of years.

Why does any of this matter? Because it's the same as being in an abusive relationship that we keep going back to? Some abuse is physical and some mental, and it seems the mental ones are the hardest to take notice of until a physical aspect is seen. What if the abuse can never be seen? What if the abuse never manifested itself in a physical manner? If someone we loved was with a partner who severely mentally abused them and never laid a hand on them, and we were aware of it, would we feel compelled to get them out of that situation? Would we feel compelled to help them? Would we carry compassion to do something? What if they constantly defended their partner? Told us that it was love. Refused to leave. How do we handle a situation that we have complete clarity of for someone who does not see their circumstances? Our dualistic divisiveness is that abusive relationship.

Like in the metaphor above, sometimes situations are met with much resistance, and sometimes we are unable to influence a transformation. Many will subconsciously/unconsciously choose to stay in that relationship, holding onto it like a comfort blanket of what is known and predictable. After all, we are wired for survival, and experiencing nondualism is an experience that arises when one transcends survival and enters the higher states of mind.

Thank You for your reading and attention <3.

Non Dualism is the Ocean in a drop
Non Dualism is the Ocean in a drop

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