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In The Moment

When was the last time you were in the moment? Was it when you were listening to music, dancing, playing a sport, working out, driving, building something, or watching your children? What is it that you love, that puts you in the moment? Take a moment to think about it. Another way to think about this experience is being in the zone or in a flow state, and it always feels good. When we are in the moment, we are without thought; we are present, and we are not thinking about how to be. We are just Being. Now think about how often and to what duration you experience being in the moment. Would you like it if it could be extended? For me, in-the-moment used to be only when I was doing things like playing basketball, snowboarding down a mountain, or riding my motorcycle as my top three. Now, it’s almost every moment I have.


We all have the capability to have that experience extended if we want to. Of course, there are biochemical releases that add to those other experiences that put the icing on the cake; however, the pure essence of the presence those experiences induce never has to end. 


Think about that person who you can be "yourself" around. What we experience in that situation is a non-threatening/ non-judgmental environment where we (for a period of time) feel safe, and when we feel safe, we drop our egoic defensive barrier, allowing us to be “ourselves.” When we are in that type of environment, not much thought goes into our name. The clothes we may or may not have on. The car we own. The way our hair looks. Whether or not we have makeup on. Our height. Or anything else, for that matter. There is a drastic decrease in our thoughts, and we are closer to our authentic selves. This is what happens when we are in the moment. 


We are all the same fundamentally, and we most certainly can do better to enjoy our experience of life for ourselves by being in the moment as much as possible. It is also the only place where action takes place. The best way that I have found to practice is through meditation. I recommend starting with at least 5 minutes a day and working your way up to an hour. You'll find many different kinds of meditation; find one that works for you. It may not be sitting in place like we traditionally think of meditation. It may be knitting, washing the car, cleaning the house, working out, or sitting in the sauna. Whatever it is that gets you to clear your mind and be present is good. It is also good to practice sitting still ;).

In The Moment
In The Moment

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