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We can implement three modalities to support us in having and maintaining a balanced life. An absence of being in one of these three modalities (or modes) will have us in a state of imbalance. Discovering these modalities has been one of the best things I've ever learned and practiced. We can immediately put them to the test. Similar to the post on our three choices, we want to be either in the modality (mode) of acceptance, enjoyment, or enthusiasm. Simple and not always easy. 

When I first learned these modalities, and I was in a situation in which I felt a negative reaction surfacing, I would speak out loud these modalities and make a conscious choice of which modality to be in. Until it became ingrained in me, I would always speak these modalities out loud, making sure to always be in one of these states. My breakthrough experience with using these modalities came from an experience of a slower car being in front of me on a single-lane road (side note: I very much like to get from A to B in a timely manner). I said out loud, "Well, I'm not enthused about this; I do not enjoy this, and then a pause, I can accept it, I choose acceptance." So acceptance it was, and that's not all.

The best part is that upon making that choice, I immediately felt such a great feeling of energy within my body and involuntarily began to smile and laugh out loud (lol for you young readers). My frustration was immediately gone, and at that moment, I knew there was something to this realm of information and experience that I was beginning to read and have. Then, I began to play with these modalities and had even more fun. Once the road opened back up to two lanes, I nicely passed the car while saying to myself, "I'm enjoying passing this car," then, upon being in front, say, "I am Enthused now that I am ahead of them." This alone could be life-changing for every person who reads and implements this practice. 

In summary, there are 3 Modes to select from (simple right): acceptance, enthusiasm, and enjoyment, and all you have to do is choose one. If you find this practice doesn't work, it's most likely because you're not authentically choosing one. If you take on this practice, your experience of life will be more balanced and pleasant <3. 


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