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Updated: Dec 21, 2023

Awareness allows us to see objective reality. Another way to think of awareness is as focus, or the focus of. There is more to the present moment than we notice or are aware of.  There are a massive number of frames and perspectives of reality that go unseen and unheard every moment of every day. 

Many of us can live so heavily in thought, within our illusion of reality, that we miss the clearer picture of reality that there is to view and understand. For example, when we are busy thinking of something while someone else is talking, we miss what is being said. Or when we are driving while stuck in our thinking and miss much of the experience of everything we have gone by. Can you think of a time when you were driving for a bit and suddenly came to think, "Where have I just been for the last mile?". That is the experience of going from unconscious operation to conscious operation or, in other words, our awareness shifts from our external environment to inside our thinking in our head. So then, who is driving? Our autopilot (unconscious mind) takes over.

We go through so much of life in thought, which distorts reality and the memories we store. It’s like watching a movie at 1,000 frames per second and only noticing 100. We're still going to see everything moving as if nothing is missing. That’s what is going on when our awareness (focus) is distracted.


Another way to look at it in terms of clarity is to imagine watching a flat-screen TV projecting at 4K Ultra HD and only receiving it at 720p (remember when we thought that was great quality). Although the TV is in 4K, by the time it gets through all our thoughts, the resolution left for our mind to capture is now only at 720p quality.

How do we clear the distortion and see reality clearly? learn how to silence the mind, and all will be revealed.

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