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Applied Knowledge

This article was inspired by the expression “knowledge is power.” About six years ago, I began to absorb knowledge at my highest rate ever, and an opening to receiving information was created. As a result of this new knowledge, my experience of life began to significantly improve and I started to notice a difference in how knowledge was applied by myself and other individuals who have read the same information. This confused me, especially when it came to the information that has the ability when applied, to positively transform our lives in a way most never imagined possible. It was challenging to see people who read the same material as me continue to experience issues in their lives that I felt the information supported relief with. I began to question how two people could read the same thing, with one person implementing the information with much delight while others appeared as if they had never read it. What I learned was that knowledge is NOT power; comprehension and application of knowledge are.


Have you absorbed knowledge designed to support you in life? Are you applying this knowledge to your life? Or are you just reading along? We can do so much to harm ourselves in the midst of knowing there is a positive alternative. These alternatives often, if not always, require a bit of energy, effort, commitment, and dedication. This can result in us taking what we think is the path of the least resistance. Ironically this creates the most resistance to the potential of our best self.

Smokers smoke, knowing it severely and unnecessarily, affects so many aspects of our bodies negatively. Never in my life have I ever met someone who has quit smoking and hasn’t felt better. Many of us eat badly, knowing it also negatively affects our bodies. Even more of us omit physical exercise of any kind, even though we know it would make us feel better in so many ways. We spend money foolishly, knowing it could serve us better elsewhere. Arguably, one of our greatest challenges in life (said by Neil Degrasse Tyson) is that "we know enough to think we are right, and not enough to know we are wrong."

What will you do with this knowledge? What button will you push for your life? The easy button, Or the hard button? 

Usually, the things that are easiest in the short term create harder things in the long term and vice versa.

Knowledge or Applied Knowledge
Applied Knowledge

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