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United or Divided

United we stand, Divided we fall. Think about that. We have made progress regarding differences such as race, religion, and gender. However, when compared to our potential, how far have we come? We identify primarily with our physical bodies and our subjective thoughts. We are human beings, and the human part we can all agree on is temporary unless one of us has actually seen a zombie. Yet the eternal Essence of our Being goes greatly unaccounted for. Why is that? Because it can't be seen? Neither can gravity or electromagnetism, and their effects are real regardless. When was the last time you'd seen the oxygen we breathed? It's just a bit important to our life. What happens when we refuse to accept oxygen into our bodies? What happens when we refuse to accept our deeper essence as being a part of what we are?

The one major overlooked unifying force that connects all of us is our Consciousness. We spend so much time focused on the few differences between us that we miss the larger universal truth that makes us all more the same than different. Black or White, Christian or Muslim, rich or poor, blond or brown, etc.… We are unaware of how much our ego is subconsciously running our lives, and usually not for the better. As technologically "advanced" as we may be, we still greatly operate as humans, not much different than our primitive ancestors hundreds and thousands of years ago. In truth, there are not many (if any) born "bad" people; there are merely various levels of conscious awareness. The "bad" people are just operating from the lower levels, which directly correlates with a high level of unconscious behavior that generally equates to a lot of pain and hurt primarily harbored in the subconscious and unconscious mind by thoughts and beliefs. 

Who are you when you say "I"? What are you referring to? When you claim to like or dislike someone, what is it based on? Is it how much they are, or are they not like you? How much do they agree or disagree with your version of reality? Our thoughts distance us from the present moment and objective reality.

Our higher mind (high states of Consciousness unite) and our lower mind (lower states of Consciousness) divide.

"I awoke, only to find the rest of the World still asleep" - Leonardo Da Vinci.

Untied we Stand - Oneness
Untied We Stand

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