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What we criticize in others is less about the other person and more about what we don’t like about ourselves. This all comes back to our ego. Remember, ego is identification with ourselves and our thoughts. The more egoic we are, the more we consciously and subconsciously fight for our version of reality and the less we see what’s there. What does all this have to do with criticizing others? How is all this showing what we don’t like within ourselves? In the absence of ego (Identity), we are all one (Consciousness), and in all things being whole (holon), there is nothing to criticize without criticizing ourselves. A great tool to circumvent the ego's need to be "right" is to seek first to understand, then to be understood. Or, in seeking to be wrong, the truth will prevail.

What makes your reality right and others wrong? Right and wrong are relative and interpreted subjectively. When we criticize someone else, we are giving a voice to the ego and its subjective "right" view of reality and creating a barrier to understanding our humanity. In other words, we are displaying a lack of awareness. Put your guard down for a second and think, do you ever truly take the opportunity to truly understand the persons you're criticizing? For them and their reality, they see nothing wrong. To them, what they do is as perfectly normal as how you see what you do. So, the conflict does not have much to do with right and wrong and everything to do with one egoic reality opposing another. The main thing that validates “right” is the majority.

Look at politics in America. Which side is "right", blue or red? Donkey or Elephant? Both sides think they are the "right" side. Think less about right and wrong and more about balance, the whole of humanity, and what benefits us all. To think from such a perspective transcends right and wrong. To think from such a frequency is to think from our higher mind of consciousness and energies.


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